Nate Evans 
Singer, songwriter, producer, director, Nate Evans has developed a sound that is true to his heart.  Coming from a dark place in life, he has been able to turn his life around and inspire others through his music. He pours immeasurable passion into every song he writes and performs and approaches the world as his own personal stage.

Nate Evans has taken the phrase, "Do It Yourself”, to a whole new level--from writing his own lyrics and putting them to music, to directing, editing and producing his own music videos. He refuses to sit around and wait for someone to hand him his dreams.

On his newest project, “Speakerbox”, Nate invites the listener to join him on a 20-song tour of Electronic, Pop, and Hip-Hop music. He shines on singles, "A Lovely Day” and “Keep Fighting”, which include music videos that have earned him over a million views on YouTube.  A Lovely Day's music video was recently picked up by all 900 "Justice" retail stores.

His previous albums, "A New Way" and "A New Way Remixed”, have already gained Nate a large following from listeners overseas in Japan, Germany, and the UK. Fan favorites include the songs "Tokyo" and “Murder Mystery”. His Recent cover songs include music by Justin Bieber, Adele & Drake.  Expect his first Cover Songs album later this year.

Nate still finds time to give back to local charities. He is approaching his 5th year supporting "Operation Break Through", which collects Christmas gifts for children. His newest venture offers a portion of his music sales to help fight breast cancer through  Susan G. Komen®, the global leader of the breast cancer movement. 

Fueled by the hunger that so many lack, Nate sees no limits. Self-made, self-built, whichever way you put it, he is here to stay.